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Treasure Lake RV Resort offers several types of RV Storage. We have a total of 520 Annual Storage sites, 60 Six-month sites, 29 Temporary (non-electric) sites and 11 Temporary (electric) sites. All storage is to be set up through the Main Office that is located at the Welcome Center. Your membership number is required to be posted on your RV (three inch minimum numbers) for any unit stored at Treasure Lake. All storage is based on availability.

If for any reason you cannot pick up your RV by the date specified on your lease, you must notify Storage Personnel prior to that time to see what arrangements may be made. If for any reason you do not make contact and your RV is left over the allotted time, you will be assessed the daily fee plus an additional fee for the extra days.

Daily Temporary (Front Desk): This is a program that allows you to store your RV from one to thirty days. This is available in non-electric or electric. Electric Storage is not available 7 – 10 days prior to the 3 major holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day). The rate list follows:

  1. Non-electric: $2.00 per day
  2. Electric (low wattage use) $4.00 per day (30 AMP service)
  3. Electric (Heat or A/C use) $7.00 per day (30 AMP service)

Six-month Storage (Teresa Hughes): This allows you to store your RV for a period of six-months in the same location. You are able to take your RV in and out as you like during that time. The lease is based on a consecutive six-month period.

The rate is $ 250.00 for a six-month lease.

Annual Storage (Tammy Stouffer): This is a space that is assigned to you for a year-round lease. You are not allowed to sublet or sub-lease your space.

Up to 25ft Site: $ 300.00/year
26ft. to 45ft.Site: $ 330.00/year
46ft or larger Site: $ 350.00/year

We have a limited number of sites that can be used for the storage of your cargo trailer on a year round lease. (RV’s take precedence over these items)

Up to 25ft. Site: $ 250.00 / year

Golf Cart (Teresa Hughes): We do have sites available for the storage of golf carts.

Monthly lease: $15.00/mo. (less than 12 months)
Yearly lease: $150.00/yr. (full 12 months)

“For Sale” Lot (Tammy Stouffer):

Up to sixty days. Rate: $ 2.00 / day
We now have electric available to use to open up your slides when showing your R.V. You may not leave your RV plugged in.

“For Sale” signs are not to be placed on any item within Treasure Lake property. We have designed an area specifically for our members who want to show and sell their RV. This will allow the seller to place their RV in the Sales Lot for a maximum of sixty days at one time.

Please, make sure we have your most current trailer information, address and phone number on file.

You may call to update your information, use the form here or send by email to: